The Brilliance & Light Collection

Movable Light & Sun Rays For Photoshop CC, CS 5/6, PSE 11 & UP

Photoshop Actions to help you add extra color, light bursts and creative flair! Be inspired, get creative, see what you can do with your photos with these easy to use, time saving Photoshop actions.

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What you’ll get with the Brilliance & Light Photoshop Action Collection by Cozy Clicks

Photoshop Actions that are simple to use

Photoshop Actions created to inspire you to edit images the way you want.

Movable light and sun ray Photoshop actions to instantly add shine and glow to your work

27 Total Photoshop actions compatible with Photoshop CC, CS5 & 6 AND PSE 11 & UP

24 Total Movable Light Actions

Including 6 "Peek Through" Bursts

Movable light created specifically created to add pops of light through trees, flowers, bushes or other objects! 

 And 3 Movable Sun Ray Actions!

Please read the terms of use

Movable light and rays to add a gorgeous glow to any photo!

Clementine Sky

Peachy + Sunset Peek Throughs & Center Rays

Lumenicent Light And Center Rays

Photographer Tested

All Photoshop actions have been tested and tried for the best quality and created to speed up your workflow creating beautiful effects with little altering of skin tone.

Easy to Use

Each action has been created to simply click and move to the area you want added glow, however all actions have the ability to "tweak" any area to your liking. Use one or stack them on top of each other for even more effects!


Find your style and get inspired using this Photoshop Action Pack. Get all this for only $49!

See What Other Photographers Are Saying About The Brilliace & Light Collection by Cozy Clicks!

  "Loved using the Cozy Clicks Brilliance and Light movable light collection. Was completely easy to use and customizable to create magical lighting for your photos. I used Lucent Glimmer to create this wonderful lighted portrait. (on the right) Love it!"

"I knew I wanted something soft and romantic for this couple session. (left image) Clementine Sky from Cozy Clicks Brilliance and Light collection helped create this soft beautiful light for this image!"

Maternity image edited with Lucent Glimmer.

-Jamila Zatar with All That Shutters Photography

{Also used on these images, actions from the Starter Pack & and The Perfect Portrait Retouching actions}

Sunny Days & Spring Gleam

Center Rays (Peeking through the window)

"I loooove these PS actions! Anyone who ever takes photos outside NEEDS these actions. I've watched multiple youtube videos of adding color/warmth/rays of light and I've struggled to get an authentic feel and effect. I've never felt the light effects I could add on my own were anything I could deliver to a client. ENTER EMILY and her amazing moveable light actions. Super easy to move and place within your image, customize the intensity and make the look as bold or subtle as you desire. "  

"Even photos with the sun directly in the picture will benefit from a little added pizzaz. Can't recommend these enough!!!"  

-Summer Warren with Summer Warren Photography  

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Moveable Light & Rays to Brighten YOUR photos!

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