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POP out that color! Make your images bold and eye popping. Get creative. All in just seconds with the Color Confections Photoshop action pack! Compatible with Photoshop CC.

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You get so much with the Color Confections Color Enhancing Photoshop Actions!

This color enhancing action pack will take your photos from OK to just seconds!

Get the 10 actions on the right which will target different colors in your photo. + A PLAY ALL Action so you can just click and easily view all your options!

PLUS get 5 different "toppings" for quick added, fun effects. 

PLUS get a 6 pack of color enhanching brushes! (red, orange, yellow , green, blue and purple) Each one designed to target that specific color with little impact on surrouding colors. REALLY pop out the color in your photos with these brushes!

Comppatible with the newst version of Photoshop in Creative Cloud. *All actions NOT compataible with Elements. Please read terms of use.

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Use any amount of these actions on each photo! Easily adjust the opacity of each layer to change the intensity. Brush off any part of your photo you don't want to action to appear on. Make these actions work with your photos!

Raspberry Cheesecake + Black Cherry 

Instant Results -Save Time! 

Easy to load action pack, comes with video tutorials to help you load them into Photoshop and get started right away! Just load, click and play. Then watch your photos transform!  

 Chocolate Chip + Black Cherry +Blueberry (and nut topping!)

See the actions in ACTION!! 

See what other photographers are saying!

Photo by A Counrty Tale Photography. Edited with Raspberry Cheesecake, Red Velvet +Nut Topping

“Favorite is definitely raspberry cheesecake. I have loved it on the images I have used it on so far and I also love that I can leave it on the whole image as it's not affecting skin tones too dramatically which I love. I also love the nut topping!" 

-Alex Ambrose with A Country Tale Photography

Photo by A Perfect Shot Photography. Edited with Chocolate Chip

" I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate chip setting!"

-Taylor Guthrie with A Perfect Shot Photography

Photo by Chirag Rana Clicks. Edited with Chocolate Chip + Raspbery Cheesecake+Nut Topping

"These actions are amazing and very easy to use. It enhances the color in the photos and takes it to the next level by adding a "wow" factor. You will see a big difference before and after using these actions on your photos. With the ease of use, these actions will reduce the editing time significantly. I strongly recommend this pack to all the photographers to enhance the colors and overall look and feel of your photos."

-Chirag Rana with Chirag Rana Clicks

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