The Create Workshop

Learn to edit & create magic in your photos and stand out as the top photographer in your town!

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The Create Workshop

Learn to edit & create magic in your photos and stand out as the top photographer in your town!

Want to learn to edit your photos like this?

I can show you how!

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Ever feel like your photos are missing that “WOW” factor??

You’ve got the great shots.

But it still feels like something is missing from your photos...

Truth is...there is!


Learning Photoshop is the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you add that something special that’s been missing from your images so that you can create magical images of your own kids AND have people in town begging to pay you to take their picture!

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought "I wish I could edit like THAT?"

You have got that photographer's eye...but when it comes to the actual editing, something just isn't clicking.

It seems like it takes FOREVER to edit one photo and when you do try to look for tutorials to help you, you're not even sure what to search up or the ones you think will help seem way too technical and confusing.

Your edits don't seem consistent and you don't feel like you could charge top dollar for your work...YET.

What if you knew the EXACT Photoshop techniques professionals use to add that magic?

Wouldn't that feel awesome!?

In The Create Workshop, I want to share with you how to use 5 of my most favorite Photoshop techniques to help you save time AND achieve the magical dreaminess you want in your pictures!

This is the first step in really leveling up your photography game and becoming one of the most sought after photographers in your town!

Once you truly understand the editing piece you will have more time with your family and more clients filling up your calendar!

I don't hold steps back. This workshop is for everyone who wants to add a little consistency and magic to their pictures and create photos they are proud of. Register and start learning today!

Meet your instructor!

Hey there, I'm Emily Supiot. Let me help you create magical images you are proud of!

As a mom of four, I understand the desire for wanting professional looking images of your own kids that capture every moment in time.

And as a business owner, I know the feeling of wanting your pictures to look top notch and stand out in what seems to be a heavily saturated market of photographers.

Register today and learn 5 of my most favorite techniques for adding that bit of magic to photos inside of Photoshop + one that will really help you speed up your editing!

This workshop is just for you if you are ready to start learning the potential of Photoshop so you feel the excitement looking at the dreaminess you created in your images.

Can't wait to see you inside!

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