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Looking to really start learning Photoshop? But been a little nervous because, well, let's face it- Photoshop can be super "techy" almost like learning another language. Or maybe you've given it a try and then stopped becasue it's too confusing!  There are too many tabs and buttons and sliders and you don’t know where to start. Then Photoshop 101 is EXACTLY for you! This easy to follow course contains all steps you need to start feeling more confident working inside of Photoshop Creative Cloud! It is your key to understanding Photoshop so that you can begin to create consistency and magic in your photos!



What this e-course has to offer!

Photoshop 101 for Creative Cloud contains everything you could want to know about how to use Photoshop Creative Cloud for beginners.


Taught in a straight forward way, this course is taught so that even those with no knowledge of Photoshop will start to understand!


Complete it in a day, a week, a month....or take all year if you need to! This course is self paced and allows you to pause tutorials or re-wtach them as needed.


This course shows you exactly HOW to set up your workspace and start using Photoshop so that you don't feel so overwhelmed


Each module also teaches the "WHY" to each of the steps, instead of only showing you "how" to do it.


No fluff and little technical terms, making it simpler for you to understand such a complex program.


This 5 module course could be completed in a day if you choose! Plus the ability to wathc and re-watch video lessons makes it easy to follow as you practice on your own work.

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What our students are saying!

"When I found the Cozy Clicks education courses online I decided I should finally take the plunge and learn! It can instantly boost your photos from boring to interesting! It’s been an exciting journey that continues!”

-Heidi Dellmeier 

The more I continue to learn, I realize that my journey will never end and that’s ok. I have pushed myself to learn more and improve. I am now onto my second Cozy Clicks Course!"

-Jennifer Corbin

"Finding online courses like Cozy Clicks that were broken down into manageable courses that were easy to follow and easy to practice started to make all the difference and give me the confidence to push my hobby into a business!"

-Gina Sievers

For beginners

Perfect for you if you are brand new to Photoshop Creative Cloud

what's included?

Start learning right now in the 5 module e-course which teaches you how to set up yourself you for success in Photoshop form the beginning!

Learn How To:

  • Set up your workspace (in other words...what to do as soon as Photoshop opens up!)
  • Learn common terms and where to find everything you'll need
  • Understand the most commonly used tools and know how to apply them in your own work!
  • BONUS: Sign up today and you'll also grab the Cozy Clicks Starter Pack of Photoshop Actions ($19 value) & a bonus module on how to make Photoshop actions work for you!

Meet Your Teacher

“Hey there! I'm Emily!

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Photoshop 101! Ready to learn? I knew I liked you!

Ok, so if you’re a totally newbie, and there’s nothin’ wrong with that at all my friend- this is the place you’ll want to start: Photoshop 101 for Creative Cloud. This course gives you a super charged jump start into editing better pics. You can register and start learning here!

Emily Supiot | Founder of Cozy Clicks, Host of The Stay Focused Podcast

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Why put off taking your photos to the next level? You can enroll in Photoshop Creative Cloud 101 and start really seeing results today!


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