Start shooting gorgeous photos you're proud of...without feeling frustrated by the camera.

Learn how to understand your camera so that you can take beautiful, professional photos and just maybe create your own photography business too!

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If you're like most new photographers, then...

You're done spending so much of your valuable time searching up photography tutorials on Google and watching YouTube videos.

You feel nervous. Kind of like you're just guessing every time you take out the camera. The buttons and dials are super confusing.

Even though you have an expensive camera, you don't feel like a "real" photographer yet because deep down you know that you don't truly know how to work it.

You don't have to feel like that.

Photography should be fun!

This program is EXACTLY how you can make it feel that way!



So you got yourself one of those "fancy" DSLR cameras hoping to take better pictures of your kids. Maybe even take that new purchase and have people pay you to take their picture one day too!

You peeled back that tape from the box and held it in your hands for the first time ready to press that shutter and make some magic.  

But that's not what happened.

Instead there was disappointment….your pictures didn’t look quite the way you envisioned they would. All those buttons and knobs were so confusing. All those great photographers on your Instagram feed made it look so easy and all you felt was confused. Could the camera be broken...or could it be (gulp) you?

  I totally get it.  

Sign me up! I want my photos to look beautiful!

Let's start creating that magic!


if you had complete confidence setting your camera and finding the best light every time you went out to shoot?


creating stunning images of your children and family at every milestone ...without having to pay anyone else to do it?


like when every picture you hang up on your walls and post on your Instagram feed stops your friends in their tracks with jaw dropping stares?


would your life change once you truly know how to use your camera to it's fullest potential & start making lots of MONEY with your own photo business?

Doesn't that all sound amazing?

Hey there! I'm Emily.

I wanna help make things easy for you.

Ok, confession time...I didn't always know what I was doing. In the beginning I just wanted to learn to take better pictures of my kids.

I didn't even realize it at first, but I went from being a new mom with an old model, borrowed DSLR camera to absolutely falling in love with photography and solely supporting a family of 6 as an award winning portrait photography business owner.

Believe me was not magic and it wasn't luck. It took me way longer than it should have.

In the beginning, I went the free YouTube and Google article route to learning photography. But wasted so much time reading articles that weren't teaching the right things or watching videos that didn't make any sense. It made things confusing and not fun.

And really as a new mom, I didn't have that "extra time" to search for articles that weren't really teaching me anything.

But I knew I was done wasting kids were growing up too fast! And when I finally did invest in me, that's when the magic started to happen! Photography does take time and practice...but not as long as it took me.

If you’re like most of my students then you’re probably thinking "how will I ever figure out how to learn all of this?" 

If that’s you... you’re in luck!

I know EXACTLY how to help you speed things along!

Introducing Shoot It Sensational

Do you want to easily take photos that have that spark & magic? 

You're in luck! It's like the stars were aligned for you to find this today! This is your roadmap to understanding photography in an easier way.

Unlock YOUR creative potential!

UM, YES! Sign me up right now!

Want to know what other students are creating and saying about

Shoot it Sensational?

"I began scouring Pinterest for tutorials. That’s when I first stumbled on a Cozy Clicks article. This was the first article that explained things in a way that was easy for me to understand and apply. The article led me to the Cozy Clicks courses and support Facebook group. After lurking in the group for a while, I began to post my photos asking for constructive criticism (cc). The group has been so valuable in giving advice in a way that is meant to help a beginner. The more I continue to learn, I realize that my journey will never end and that’s ok. I have pushed myself to learn more and improve. I am now onto my second Cozy Clicks Course!" -Jennifer Corbin

"Incredible teacher, photographer and human. I have learned so much from Emily over the last 4 years. I would recommend her to any and everyone to do their photos or to take her courses, purchase her beautiful products or just reach out with questions."

-Ami Grieve, Ami Grieve Photography

"A course I can actually understand! I have purchased many online courses for my photography work to practice and improve my craft and not only did Emily explain everything in a way you can understand without getting confused, she gives you practice assignments so you can really do what you are learning. I’m very hands on and learn visually. She even puts samples of her doing it and the final images on the courses so you can understand how or what to do and if you’re doing it correctly. I spent a lot on different courses and honestly I just got confused or just gave up on it but Emily makes it fun and gives you a different perspective on how to do certain things to be more creative with your photography work to make it so interesting to watch. I didn’t just turn it off and not go back. It made me want to go out and take a million pictures, go through the courses again and practice more. This is really all you need. It covers everything you need to know about starting photography and more. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone starting or wanting to learn how to understand the basics of photography, equipment, lighting, compositions, editing and much more. You won’t regret it. It’s great! Best thing is that you can always ask for help personally on the Facebook page and Emily will actually answer your questions you have. Not like other courses I have taken, where it’s a just a robot or a tech person that doesn’t know what you are even asking about. She takes the time to teach and mentor you and that’s what makes it the best courses I have ever taken. It’s the one on one mentoring that makes it unique and so worth it. Thank you so much, Emily! Keep it up and keep teaching!  

- Joey Buckley ( S &J Photography)

"Emily is a wonderful teacher. She gained my confidence immediately by presenting the course material in a very easy to understand and organized manner. The modules are very appropriate in length and can be watched as a busy schedule allows. Emily tackles teaching photography and Photoshop with ease and wants her students to SUCCEED. I am a very pleased Cozy Clicks member!" -Lori Benn

"I've taken several of Emily Supiot's courses now and I highly recommend them! 

-Vonda Perkins

"I highly recommend Emily's course. She is a wonderful teacher. If you are asking yourself if her courses are worth the money, they are! My work has grown in leaps and bounds since finding Emily. The best part is her willingness to mentor. She truly makes you feel as if you are a valued friend. And, she mentors in such a positive and encouraging way. After an online conversation or email with Emily, you always feel as if you can accomplish more!"

- Airon Mothershed

"You are amazing Emily! I know I've said thank you what feels like a million times but I mean it a million times more!" - Kaleigh Fischer  

"When I found the Cozy Clicks education courses online I decided I should finally take the plunge and learn! The way Emily explains the rule of thirds was a game changer for me. It can instantly boost your photos from boring to interesting!” "It’s been an exciting journey that continues!” -Heidi Dellmeier 

"Don’t let yourself get distracted by ALL of the online teachers out there. They are not all created equally. " "I’ve learned the most from Cozy Clicks online. Emily has taught me everything from how to take my photos to how to edit them in post." -Tamara Carnes, Hammy Images

"I would like to very highly recommend Emily’s portrait training courses for anyone who loves people photography. Emily is definitely a gifted, patient teacher as well as photographer. There have been times I’ve not quite understood what I’m missing to get to next step & Emily has always personally got back with help or suggestions. That alone has amazed me of her personal interest in her students succeeding. " 

- Chell Lewin  


Stop struggling to get your photos to look like the pictures you see in your head!

The Curriculum Inside of Shoot It Sensational!


Camera Basics & Gear

What you should (and what you don't really need to know yet) about that cool new DSLR camera of yours! We break it down together here.


Mastering Manual 

Broken down into bitesize, easy to swallow pieces, this module helps you really understand all the pieces to get you completely comfortable shooting in manual mode.


Getting Clear About Focus  

There is nothing worse than capturing the cutest moment ever, the best smile, that one in a million moment....only to find that you missed focus! 

Ugh! (I sadly know that feeling) Here you will learn what to do to get sharp clear and in focus pictures!


Understanding White Balance 

One of the most important -but overlooked aspects of portrait photography. Learn different ways to nail your white balance, and find the way that works best for YOU!


Finding the Natural Light  

The most intense module, this one walks you through several different natural lighting scenarios and helps you understand what to look for- and what to look out for!


Unleashing Your Creativity

Whoa, this is a big one! Re-train your mind to think differently, more creatively and turn you "eh" images into "woozers!"


Composition & Aperture  

Dive into getting creative using your aperture and really understand the functions.


Editing Your Portraits  

Editing can seem like a whole other world in portrait photography. This module keeps it simple and real for you, showing you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to your images first inside of ACR or Lightroom.

But Wait! Your Photography Transformation Doesn't Stop There!

Step inside your virtual classroom....

You get access to a positive community full of photographers just like YOU who want to help you continue to grow and evolve as the fantastic photographer you are!

If you ever get stuck along the way, we don't want you to feel frustrated or overwhelmed like you're feeling right now. We are here to answer your questions and help you expand your skills!

The Cozy Clicks classroom is full of graduates AND freshly enrolled photographers who are always eagerly willing to help and learn from one another!

Yes! I'm ready to create magic with my photos!

Two easy ways to enroll & start your journey!

Stop feeling nervous every time you go out to shoot because you're not sure what dials to turn! Don't guess any longer! Feel complete pride in the images you create. Easily understand your camera without the stress. Save yourself the time and hassle of trying to find all the answers online on your own. Grow and learn from other positive photographer just like YOU! See progress and a magical change in your photos. Watch as your gorgeous photos stand out and (... just maybe) you'll start your own mega- profitable business one day!

Pay in Full

Save money and start unlocking YOUR creative potential today with the pay in full option!

  • Access to the virtual classroom with positive photographers waiting to help you grow your skills!
  • Access to the Photoshop 101 e-course ($37 value) Add an extra polish and professionalism to your photos once you understand how to edit in Photoshop.
  • Downloadable & printable handbook "The Ultimate Cheat Sheets for New Photographers" ($197 value)
  • Weekly live Q & A sessions and mini trainings ($520 value)
  • Countless fantastic photos of your children, grandkids, family and clients when you gain the knowledge and confidence in photography! (Value: Absolutely priceless!)

Total Value: $1,388

Yours today: $597!

one time enrollment fee

This is what I've been searching for!

Payment Plan

Start unlocking YOUR creative potential today with the 2X payment plan of only $319!

  • Access to the virtual classroom with positive photographers waiting to help you grow your skills!
  • Access to the Photoshop 101 e-course ($37 value) Add an extra polish and professionalism to your photos once you understand how to edit in Photoshop.
  • Downloadable & printable handbook "The Ultimate Cheat Sheets for New Photographers" ($197 value)
  • Weekly live Q & A sessions and mini trainings ($520 value)
  • Countless fantastic photos of your children, grandkids, family and clients when you gain the knowledge and confidence in photography! (Value: Absolutely priceless!)

Total Value: $1,388

Yours today: $638!

$319 today/1 more payment of $319 next month

Yes! I'm ready to learn!

Your Bonuses

Exclusively yours!


Photoshop 101 e-course ($37 value)

Once you understand how to TAKE gorgeous images, learn how to add that extra bit of polish and professionalism by learning to edit inside of Photoshop! This course is an INCLUDED bonus with your enrollment!


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Handbook For New Photographers ($197 Value)

Quickly access some of the most helpful learning points that you can print and reference while you are out shooting! Saves you time from notetaking and easy to download. Including helpful favorites like:

  • The Manual Mode Cheat Sheet
  • Shutter Speed Estimation Guide
  • Find Your Style Mini Workbook
  • Sharp Focus Quick Guide
  • Photo Details Checklist
  • Portrait Lens Guide
  • Posing with Natural Interactions & MORE!


Lighting Diagram Pack ($37 Value)

Download or print to take with you on your next shoot. Easily see where you should place your subject in relation to the light you are working with. Super helpful to continue to understand lighting.


Access to the Cozy Clicks Virtual Classroom + weekly LIVE Q & A Sessions ($520 Value)

Ask questions from current and graduate students. Post your work for constructive criticism. Don't get stuck or feel frustrated, we're here to help! Join us for LIVE Q & A sessions and mini lessons most Mondays.

Enroll now for only $597

Yes! I want in!! Enroll me right here!


Is this the right fit for me?

Definitely! If you are tired of the photos of your kids not turning out the way you wish they would, you want to gain confidence with your camera, you're done wasting time with Google and YouTube and all the tech heavy articles that pop up and you'd love to one day start having a booked calendar of paying photography clients, then this this EXACTLY what you need!

How long will this take me?

You get lifetime access, which allows YOU to decide if you'd like to take your time or jump right in!

How much does it cost?

As a former college professor, I know that single semester university courses can cost up to $2000 or more! This will NOT cost you 2K. And unlike college courses where your learning ends at the end of a semester, inside Shoot it Sensational you can take your time and have life time access to the community. Invest in you today for $597!

Let's do this!

I’m here to help you not only achieve, but continue to grow & evolve your photography goals!

You've made it this far.

This is your sign that it's time to unlock your creative potential and start creating the gorgeous images you know you can create!