So you got yourself one of those fancy DSLR cameras hoping to take better pictures of your kids. Maybe, you thought, you just might be able to take that new purchase and turn it into a photo biz one day too!  

You peeled back that tape from the box and held it in your hands for the first time ready to press that shutter and make some magic.  

But then disappointment….your pictures didn’t look quite the way you envisioned they would. All those buttons and knobs were so confusing. All those great photographers on your instagram feed made it look so easy and all you felt was confused. 

  I totally get it.  

I didn't always know what I was doing. I went from a new mom with a borrowed camera to solely supporting a family of 6 as an award winning portrait photography biz owner in just a few short years. 

Believe me...It wasn’t magic and it wasn’t luck.  

There was A LOT of learning and practice involved. A lot of really great teachers but also a lot of wasted time watching YouTube videos that weren't teaching the right things and reading article after article that just didn’t make any sense. 

Here's what you'll learn inside Shoot It Sensational!...


Camera Basics & Gear

What you should (and what you don't really need to know yet) about that cool new DSLR camera of yours! We break it down together here.


Mastering Manual 

Broken down into bitesize, easy to swallow pieces, this doozy of a module helps you really understand all the pieces to get you completely comfortable shooting in manual mode.


Getting Clear About Focus  

There is nothing worse than capturing the cutest moment ever, the best smile, that one in a million moment....only to find that you missed focus! 

Ugh! (I sadly know that feeling) Here you will learn what to do to get sharp clear and in focus pictures!


Understanding White Balance 

One of the most important -but overlooked aspects of portrait photography. Learn different ways to nail your white balance, and find the way that works best for YOU!


Finding the Natural Light  

The most intense module, this one walks you through several different nautral lighting scenarios and helps you understand what to look for- and what to look out for!


Unleashing Your Creativity

Whoa, this is a big one! Re-train your mind to think differently, more creatively and turn you "eh" images into "woozers!"


Composition & Aperture  

Dive into getting creative using your aperture and really understand the functions.


Editing Your Portraits  

Editing can seem like a whole other world in portrait photography. This module keeps it simple and real for you, showing you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to your images inside your editing program.

 A positive community full of photographers just like YOU and me who want to learn, share and ask questions. This private Facebook group is only available to students enrolled in the course.

So, What Happens Next???

Dive right into the 8 module course. Learn and practice at your own pace. Watch and rewatch as many times as you need. Follow along with the videos, take notes or download the free notepad. Show up in your PJs if you want!

Jump into your virtual classroom! A wonderful, supportive community of photographers like you wanting to learn and create beautiful images. Share your assignments, post photos you are proud of, ask questions and get answers.

Watch your progess week after week as you see improvements in your portrait photography! Feel proud as you shoot beautiful images and show off your new skills!

What to know what other students are saying???

"I highly recommend Emily's course. She is a wonderful teacher. If you are asking yourself if her courses are worth the money, they are! My work has grown in leaps and bounds since finding Emily. The best part is her willingness to mentor. She truly makes you feel as if you are a valued friend. And, she mentors in such a positive and encouraging way. After an online conversation or email with Emily, you always feel as if you can accomplish more!"

- Airon Mothershed

"Emily is a wonderful teacher. She gained my confidence immediately by presenting the course material in a very easy to understand and organized manner. The modules are very appropriate in length and can be watched as a busy schedule allows. Emily tackles teaching photography and Photoshop with ease and wants her students to SUCCEED. I am a very pleased Cozy Clicks member!" 

-Lori Benn

"Your style of teaching is easy to follow and I love that!" - Lisa Southwick

You are amazing Emily! I know I've said thank you what feels like a million times but I mean it a million times more!" - Kaleigh Fischer 

"A course I can actually understand! I have purchased many online courses for my photography work to practice and improve my craft and not only did Emily explain everything in a way you can understand without getting confused, she gives you practice assignments so you can really do what you are learning. I’m very hands on and learn visually. She even puts samples of her doing it and the final images on the courses so you can understand how or what to do and if you’re doing it correctly. I spent a lot on different courses and honestly I just got confused or just gave up on it but Emily makes it fun and gives you a different perspective on how to do certain things to be more creative with your photography work to make it so interesting to watch. I didn’t just turn it off and not go back. It made me want to go out and take a million pictures, go through the courses again and practice more. This is really all you need. It covers everything you need to know about starting photography and more. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone starting or wanting to learn how to understand the basics of photography, equipment, lighting, compositions, editing and much more. You won’t regret it. It’s great! Best thing is that you can always ask for help personally on the Facebook page and Emily will actually answer your questions you have. Not like other courses I have taken, where it’s a just a robot or a tech person that doesn’t know what you are even asking about. She takes the time to teach and mentor you and that’s what makes it the best courses I have ever taken. It’s the one on one mentoring that makes it unique and so worth it. Thank you so much, Emily! Keep it up and keep teaching! - Joey Buckley ( S &&J Photography)

"I would like to very highly recommend Emily’s portrait training courses for anyone who loves people photography. Emily is definitely a gifted, patient teacher as well as photographer. There have been times I’ve not quite understood what I’m missing to get to next step & Emily has always personally got back with help or suggestions. That alone has amazed me of her personal interest in her students succeeding. " 

- Chell Lewin  


"I just completed your eCourse. I learned so much already, and I feel like it was the perfect way to dive in. Thanks so much for putting in together!" -

-Colleen Lindhurst  

Still Unsure?

 Come check out the "student spotlight" feature over on the Cozy Clicks blog! Be inspired by photographers from all over the world, find out what their best advice to YOU is and see and how the Cozy Clicks Courses have helped them!!

Is this the right fit for you?

  is the online photography program for you if... 

  • Your photos just aren't turning out the way you'd hoped they would
  • You feel behind in your photography skills
  • You're unclear about what you should really be focusing on with your DSLR camera
  • You want to master manual mode
  • Your photos are not as sharp and in focus as they could be
  • You aren't always sure how to find the best light
  • Sometimes you don't even know where to begin looking for the light
  • You need a serious boost in creativity
  • You'd like to be a part of an positive online community
  • You want to be supported in a photography community and feel confident to share and receive constructive criticism.

What You'll Need

​A computer or laptop ( course videos CAN be viewed from a phone or tablet)​ High speed internet Access to a DSLR camera Positive energy and a desire to get better in portrait photography!

I can't wait to see you inside!