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The Ultimate PRO Editing Membership

Access FULL editing tutorials+ MORE! All level portrait photographers.

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The Ultimate PRO Editing Membership

Access FULL editing tutorials + MORE! All level portrait photographers.

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Hey There! It's Emily Supiot with Cozy Clicks and I'm here to help YOU learn how to edit those gorgeous portraits of yours! 

Do you ever wonder how some photographers get those really dreamy, creative edits in their photos? You know you have all the tools & skills, but for some reason you just have a hard time putting them all together. Maybe there’s a secret your missing.

With close to 1 million views on my Photoshop editing tutorials over on YouTube AND almost 5 million views over the years to the Cozy Clicks blog, I thought it was time for something NEW...something BIGGER & BETTER to help YOU figure out that secret that will take your portraits to the next level!

 Ever look at a before and after image you see on Instagram or Facebook that looks like editing magic and think, "Yes! I want to be able to do that! "?

Do you dream that you have a VERY successful photography business with consistent, eye catching images that made people come to YOU? 

Wish your edits were a lot more consistent?

Wanna be at the top of your game, with people begging you to take their picture?

Or maybe you just want to edit photos of your children that look like you paid a lot of money to have a pro photographer take them!!

If you said yes to any of these, join the Ultimate PRO Membership from Cozy Clicks!

What EXACTLY is the PRO Membership??

The PRO Membership is a yearly membership which allows members unlimited access to a continually growing library of FULL Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. Start out with 18 FULL editing tutorials. That's 18 different photos edited from start to finish. Almost 10 hours of video!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Each month you'll get....

New Full Tutorials Added Monthly! Learn new techniques and see how they all flow together!

The opportunity to have YOUR work edited in a step by step tutorial. Learn techniques and strategies for editing your own images and see images by other members edited too!

Access to the Cozy Clicks "members only" Facbebook group to ask questions, share work and be inspired by a positive group of photograhers who are just like YOU!

 EXCLUSIVE "members only" Photoshop resources, that will include tools like: Photoshop actions sets, Lightroom Presets + overlays & MORE!

Access to one of my .RAW or .psd files so you can practice techniques learned in tutorials and/or break apart each of the steps taught.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: New Members will also receive the full Perfect Portrait Editing e-Course from Cozy Clicks ($197 value) Understand the system for editing your portraits. Everything from skin tones to softening and adding dimension in a slower paced, easy to follow 7 module course. 

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Members should have a good understanding of light and focus in their photos prior to enrolling. Shooting in RAW is recommended , but not required. A basic understanding of levels and layers in Photoshop will be benefical.


Who is the PRO Membership for?

That's the easy part: YOU!!

If you :

  • are truly serious about investing in yourself and your portrait editing education
  • want to start seeing a change in the way you edit
  • would like to create images that look like editing magic!
  • need a boost in your creativity
  • are eager and ready to learn
  • like to learn at your own pace and your own time
  • want to be a part of a positive community of portrait photographers who are helpful, friendly and want to see each other succeed!

What do I need to access the PRO Membership?

Accessing the membership is easy!!! To learn from the video tutorials included in the membership, it is highly recommended you have:

  • High speed internet
  • A computer (preferably), tablet or smartphone
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop & Lightroom (updated version) 
  • Older versions of Photoshop CS2 and newer will be able to follow along with the majority of steps
  • Photoshop Elements users will be able to follow along with limited steps.

How is PRO Membership different from the other Cozy Clicks courses?

The Ultimate Pro Membership gives you access to a growing collection of editing video tutorials. New content is continually added and members are highly encouraged to submit their work to be included in editing tutorials too! 

The Ultimate Pro Membership gives you access to watch and rewatch as many times as you need during the duration of your membership. You can choose to renew or cancel.

Video tutorials in the PRO membership are tutorials in video and audio form only. You can see and hear the thought process and steps as an image is edited. While all steps are taught and explained, the pace is faster.

Pro members will receive added goodies at various times throughout the membership: including new Photoshop actions, additional digital photo resources, downloadable .psd files to break apart and understand various steps of editing, downloadable RAW files to practice techniques on single images.

What do you get?

  • Access the library of FULL editing videos. That's right- watch and listen to the process from start to finish on all of the tutorials.
  • Learn the how and the why for doing things
  • NEW tutorials & lessons continually added
  • Unlimited viewing during your membership period. Watch and rewatch as many times as you wish! Missed a step because your toddler woke up from naptime? No worries! You can go back and watch it again later!
  • Access to the members only Cozy Clicks Facebook Community with photography just like YOU who are helpful and positive!
  • Opportunities to have YOUR work edited as part of a full editing tutorial!
  • EXCLUSIVE Photoshop action sets & overlays!
  • And MORE!!
YES! I want to LEARN!!!

Two Payment Options!


Monthly membership- paid monthly

Get full access to the editing videos. Cancel anytime. No Contracts.

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One year membership -One Time Payment $499!

Get full acess to the editing videos for one payments of $499. Renew or cancel after 12 months. SAVE by choosing this option.

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"Through this course I gained confidence, a routine, and so much more! With practice I will have consistency, something I've had a hard time with and I am truly thankful and blessed. No presets, just followed the course! The confidence this course has given me in editing and trying new things is incredible. You are amazing Emily! I know I've said thank you what feels like a million times but I mean it a million times more!"

- Kaleigh Fischer 

"For me, this course majorly helped me in structuring my workflow. The main highlight of this course is that it teaches you “how to do it” as well as the “when and where to apply” those techniques. Once you attend the course videos, you can actually see that this course is not like most of the other online editing courses designed purely for commercial purpose. The details are very well explained."  

"Everything is great about the videos. The details are discussed well and the instructions are Super easy to follow. Before attending this course I knew a few things on how to edit portraits, but I found it hard to find where to begin or end my editing process. I genuinely feel I have improved myself as a photographer!"

- Arindom Bhattacharjee (See more from his photography business, The Photographer Next Door, on Facebook here!)

  "When I found the Cozy Clicks education courses online I decided I should finally take the plunge and learn! The way Emily explains the rule of thirds was a game changer for me. It can instantly boost your photos from boring to interesting!”

"It’s been an exciting journey that continues!”

-Heidi Dellmeier (Check her out on Instagram!)

  "I highly recommend Emily's course. She is a wonderful teacher. If you are asking yourself if her courses are worth the money, they are! My work has grown in leaps and bounds since finding Emily. The best part is her willingness to mentor. She truly makes you feel as if you are a valued friend. And, she mentors in such a positive and encouraging way. After an online conversation or email with Emily, you always feel as if you can accomplish more!"

-Airon Mothershed 

"I love the way you teach. I've watched other videos and taken other courses but you give the information in a way that is so easy to follow. " 

"Take Emily's course! It changed my photos 100%!"

-Terri Tiffany

"Don’t let yourself get distracted by ALL of the online teachers out there. They are not all created equally. "

"I’ve learned the most from Cozy Clicks online. Emily has taught me everything from how to take my photos to how to edit them in post."  

-Tamara Carnes, Hammy Images

 "Emily had stated before, you can find lots of tutorials on YouTube but it’s hard to piece them all together when it comes to using any editing software. Signing up for Emily’s E Courses has been the best decision ever to be able to understand Photoshop as well as things that are important from the time you pick up your camera to then the final edit."

- Jamilia Zatar (See more of her gorgeous work on Instagram here!)

"I think it is very important to invest in yourself! If you struggle, invest in a good course (Cozy Clicks for example!) which will help you to move forward. Sometimes it takes to much time to search for info how to do something (especially Photoshop) and it is worth to buy this course to find quick answer-you save your time which is very valuable and can progress quicker!  

- Monika Mochaupt (See more from her photography business, Monika Mochaupt Photography)

  "Emily is a wonderful teacher. She gained my confidence immediately by presenting the course material in a very easy to understand and organized manner. The modules are very appropriate in length and can be watched as a busy schedule allows. Emily tackles teaching photography and Photoshop with ease and wants her students to succeed. I feel a student will have a solid foundation of the two after completing the Perfect Portrait course. I am a very pleased Cozy Clicks member!"  

-Lori Benn

  "I began scouring Pinterest for tutorials. That’s when I first stumbled on a Cozy Clicks article. This was the first article that explained things in a way that was easy for me to understand and apply. The article led me to the Cozy Clicks courses and support Facebook group. After lurking in the group for a while, I began to post my photos asking for constructive criticism (cc). The group has been so valuable in giving advice in a way that is meant to help a beginner. The more I continue to learn, I realize that my journey will never end and that’s ok. I have pushed myself to learn more and improve. I am now onto my second Cozy Clicks Course!"

-Jennifer Corbin

  "For me Emily Supiot is very valuable resource, I have learned a lot from her. Thank you, Emily!" 

-Vera Djackova ( see more of her work here!)

 "I could not find the guidance to learn how to edit photos with the desired result I had in mind…until I found Cozy Clicks. I continue to practice my editing as taught by Emily with the Perfect Portrait Course, and am happy to have found a community with Cozy Clicks where I continue to learn from other photographers, Emily’s various blog posts, as well as her direct support. I have finally started to learn a workflow that fits with my vision!"

-Vanessa Burns, Vanessa Burns Photography

"When I finally picked up camera with the mind set of investing in myself and finding online courses like Cozy Clicks that were broken down into manageable courses that were easy to follow and easy to practice it started to make all the difference and give me the confidence to push my hobby into a business!"

-Gina Sievers, (see her work on Instagram!)

Wanna see even MORE student results?!?

 Come check out the "student spotlight" feature over on the Cozy Clicks blog! Be inspired by photographers from all over the world, find out what their best advice to YOU is and see and how the Cozy Clicks Courses have helped them!!

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